Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grow Food, Not Grass Movement

As the push towards healthier food and household sustainability continues, there is a movement making it's voice heard- the grassroots (vegetable roots?) campaign to "Grow Food, Not Grass".

They make an excellent point-  what benefit do you get from grass? You have to mow it, which takes time, effort and money (think gas for the mower, repairs to the mower, etc).  What do you get in return?  Sure, it's pretty when it's well kept.  That's about it. 

Instead, through some creative landscaping, you can replace some or all of that grass with plants that actually give you some benefit.  Fresh herbs in beautiful beds, vibrant reds, greens, and oranges as you plant edible plants in areas that were before just grass. There are tons of excellent ideas online about how to "upcycle" old pallets, croc shoes, etc. in to making decorative plant holders or no-weed garden plots.

Now, I'm not saying you have to give up your whole lawn, or even that you do have to replace part of it with garden beds.  It would be less attractive in the winter when less things are growing, I need somewhere for my dogs to go poop, and frankly I just enjoy walking barefoot on grass at any opportunity.  However, I am saying- think about that hard to mow corner of your yard- the one you hate.  Everyone has one.  What about putting some fresh herbs there?  What about a vegetable garden?  So you're looking to plant a few more trees...could they be fruit trees?

It never hurts to have some of your own food growing and really it doesn't take very much time to do it.  There are so many ways to cut down weeding, from container growing to putting down plastic or other sheeting that helps keeps weeds out.   Plus, you have the option of growing your own organic food or controlling what is on the plants.  You have the option of canning, freezing or eating fresh those yummy treats that you have to have each summer- like cantaloupe or watermelon.   You do it much more cheaply by growing your own. 

So maybe, one of those folks who finds yourself sighing and saying "I wish the lawn would just die" or "Gah, I have to mow it again"- just maybe growing food, not grass, is the right option for you.


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  1. I love this idea! I want to do it to my own yard (when I finally have one of my own).