Friday, August 24, 2012

Special Ice Cubes

In a conversation the other day about how much food Americans throw away (almost half of what we encounter, if you can believe it), a friend mentioned she throws away a lot of citrus and wondered if she should juice it and freeze the juice in to ice cubes.

What a great idea!
Can you imagine?  Lemon juice ice cubes to cool down and flavor your sweet tea!  Orange Juice cubes to keep your Orange Juice cool- don't even get me started on lemon cubes for lemonade.  You could even mix and match your ice cubes to create whole new flavor drinks, without watering down what you are drinking.  Not to mention the vitamins you'd be adding in to your daily diet.   You could freeze the ice cubes, then pop like-flavors cubes in to freezer bags and label them.  It would be easy to store and easy to use.

Or, let's say you need just a little lemon juice for a recipe.  You can melt an ice cube or two and have all you need, rather than buying more produce for a small or rare use.

You are saving money and helping yourself all at once! 


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