Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Make your own Bisquick

Nothing is worse than being halfway through a recipe and realizing you aren't going to have enough of something to finish what you want to make.  Like Bisquick.  Why I forget I've used most of my Bisquick before the next time I cook, I'll never know.  Selective amnesia, I guess.  If I leave a little in the box, it will breed and make more...right?

You'll need:
1 5lb Bag of Flour
20 Teaspoons Sugar
5 Teaspoons Salt
20 Teaspoons Sugar
2 Cups Shortening (think Crisco)
2/3 Cup Baking Powder
A large (very large, the biggest you have, more than likely) bowl.

Put your flour in the bowl and add all your dry ingredients.  Use a whisk to mix everything up well.

Add in your 2 cups of shortening.   Mix the shortening in to the dry ingredients with your hands.  Keep doing this until there are no lumps of shortening left and everything seems to be uniform and well mixed.

Now it's done! You can store it for a year in baggies in the pantry.  Do date it and do throw out any that is leftover once that date passes- mixes like this I don't play with once the expiration date hits!

If you want to save a little extra time when you cook, think about your favorite recipes.  Do you need 3 cups for one and 4 cups for something else?  Go on and divide some homemade bisquick out in those increments, then write on the bag (or mason jar, or container, whatever) what it's for.  "Biscuits- X cups.  Pancakes- X cups .  Chicken Pie- X cups."  You'll only dirty up that measuring cup once and it's that much easier to just grab and go.


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