Sunday, April 15, 2012

Southern Sayings- Part 1

I often use Southern sayings- and it greatly amuses me how many people have no idea what I am saying. However, I've noticed the generations coming after mine have absolutely no idea what is being said either- and they are from the South!

So I'm putting together a reoccurring series of Southern Sayings! Enjoy!

Month of Sundays- a long time.  "I haven't seen you in a month of Sundays!"

Blue Million- a lot.  "I have a blue million book ideas!"

Forty eleven- a lot.  "She has forty eleven cats."

Mule eatin' mayonnaise- an unattractive face or an unattractive person.  "She looks like a mule eatin' mayonnaise."

Champagne taste, beer pocketbook- Expensive tastes but not much money.  "I always seem to like the most expensive clothing.  I've just got champagne taste and a beer pocketbook."


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