Monday, April 9, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We have a lot of our garden items purchased this year! Just waiting on getting the tomatoes and perhaps a cantaloupe plant.

It made me think (after we checked out at Lowes), is it really worth it to grow your own garden?  I plan on recording what we spend here on the blog, then comparing that to our harvest/prices at the time.  So if we get 5lbs of tomatoes, how much would it cost us to go to Walmart and purchase 5lbs there?  We'll see what we see.

Plastic Sheeting- $10.98 (too lazy to weed this year)- Lowes
Stakes to keep the sheeting down- $2.98- Lowes
Peas & 2 packs of onions- $4.20- Walmart (planted 100 onions)
Broccoli- $2.98 (9)- Lowes
Cucumbers- $.98 (3 plants in one cup)- Lowes
Hot Banana Peppers, Jalapeno peppers, Green peppers (7)- $20.86- Lowes
4 inch stakes (2- reuseable) for the peas- $3.96- Lowes

So far, we are $46.94 in the hole and don't yet have our tomato plants, which are the core of our garden.  I know, I know- we could save a lot of money by buying seeds and starting our own plants, but for some reason  I have never been successful doing that.  The only thing that has ever done well for me was corn! I do still have some corn seeds from last year, so I may stick a few out and see how they do.

We also could have saved 20% of our bill this year by not going with the plastic sheeting.  However, the jerk that mows the yard (we have no control over him, by the way and we are not paying him out of our pockets) likes to mow around the garden in such a way that all the clippings fly in to the garden.  It's impossible to keep ahead of the weeds and I don't even want to try this year!

Hopefully a nice big yield will show that we are truly offsetting our costs. At least we will know!


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