Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grandfather Mountain, NC

We took a trip to Grandfather Mountain last weekend with my in-laws.  It's funny, even though we don't live terribly far away from there, I had never been to see Grandfather Mountain!  In recent years, the price has skyrocketed ($18 a person! OUCH), but thankfully in April they run a "Dollar Days" special ($2 [used to be $1!] a person if the person driving the car can present a driver's license for that county or one of the surrounding ones).

It was a wonderful day, full of beautiful views and lots of fun hiking.  Tim, his sister and I opted to take a .4 mile hike from the top of mountain to a secondary area while his parents drove down to a nearby parking lot to meet us.  I'm so glad we walked down- we found an awesome cave and some natural areas where it seemed like the mountain went out of it's way to provide a stone staircase for us.

It was a wonderful trip in general and it was nice to get outside for a while!


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