Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Soap Challenge Update

I realized it's been 4 months since I have updated you guys about the "Soap Challenge". 

Here we are! The Equate brand hand soap container on the left is the brand new container of soap we purchased this past January.  The soap dispenser is in the middle to show you how full that is currently.  The "Laura Lynn" brand soap container is the one that keeps the diluted soap in it, for quick refills.  The liquid in it comes up to just under the bottom part of the "Antibacterial Liquid Soap" banner.  We have two other dispensers that are nearly empty.

So, we have used very, very little soap from our original $3.88 investment. A third of the way through the year and we haven't even scratched $1.00 worth of product used!

This challenge is going to be entirely too easy.

Just think about your hand soap purchases and how easily you could save a ton of money- especially in larger families!

Do you spend $3.50+ per bottle on the foaming hand soap from bath and body works?  Here is a little hint.  Buy one container of the body wash (or use the "get a travel size free" coupons that come out occasionally) and squirt a generous amount in to your diluted soap (the more you put in, the heavier the scent.  Remember to put in a bit less of the other soap if you do this, so it won't get too thick!).  You get the B&BW scent without the B&BW price tag!

Hopefully this picture shows you about how much soap to use per large diluting container!


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