Monday, April 16, 2012

$1000 Challenge Update

03/17- $15.00 Survey Payment
           $50.00 Walmart GC from Mypoints (removed $50 from checking)
           $5.00 Gift Card to Food Lion for doing a Survey for them. (removed $5 from checking)

03/19- $10.00 Superpoints

03/29- $3.00 Survey Payment

- $1.00 Survey Payment

4/10- $3.00 Survey Payment

4/12- $5.00 Survey Payment

4/13- $32.24 Cash Back from the Credit Card (which I pay off in full every month!)


Man, it's hard to believe that we are on track to top $900 by the end of the month and it's only April!  I also ended up with $35+ of amazon credits that I don't count.

These surveys really do add up, I never realized quite how much they help out!


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