Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Target Trip- AWESOME

Check out my haul at Target today!  Now, would you believe I spent only $3.39 for everything you see in the picture?

I used three different phone apps- one was Target Cartwheel, which got me 10% off the peanuts, 5% off the strawberries and 5% off the meat.

Then I used a Target printable on the Right Guard, plus a Manufacturer's
coupon. It was free.

Then I used Target Mobile Coupons (you text FRESH to their number and get coupons that you open with your phone's internet browser) and got $1.00 off the peanuts, $1.00 off the snickers bars, $1.00 off the meat and $1.00 off the strawberries!

Then I used a $0.50 coupon on the strawberries, which I got when I joined Driscoll's email list.

THEN I used a $2.00 gift card I had earned through Shopkick.  You earn points for just walking in to Target or a variety of other stores, then you can cash out for various gift cards.

Oh- and I brought my own shopping bag, so I got another $0.05 off.

So there you have it- lots of different ways to coupon now, which can lead to huge savings- especially at Target, where you can triple stack Cartwheel, Target Qs and Manufacturer's Qs.  Add in gift cards that you earned and you can rock the trip!


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