Friday, August 2, 2013

Gifts in a Jar (12 Months of Christmas Post)

Mason jars come in various sizes and shapes.  Wide mouth jars can make very excellent containers for all kinds of jar gifts.   Tie a bit of ribbon to the jar, use a little fabric over the top and it's gorgeous!  Just be sure to look for wide mouth jars.

Food Mixes:  Cookies, Brownies, Cakes- there is no shortage on the internet for wonderfully fun, attractively layered mixes in jars to be given as gifts.  Don't underestimate an awesome jar of cornbread mix, along with a lovely printed recipe.

Pie in a Jar:  If you can find the right size jars, you can bake small pies right in the mason jar! These are fantastically fun ideas and you'll have your friends and family ooohing and aaahhing over them.

Bath Items: Sugar Scrubs, bath salts- this is another sky's-the-limit jar gift idea.  I like finding funky shaped jars (the best I found were at Lowes, of all places...). 

Memories:  Place beautifully typed or hand written memories on bits of colored papers and fill up a jar with them.  Tie a candy cane to the outside of the jar and paint it or just wrap a bit of ribbon around the top.  It's a very thoughtful gift for someone who has everything.

A quick google search will turn up hundreds of ideas, so get started!  Be sure to check the sunday inserts for coupons on Ball Jars!  Last year I scored lots of great jars at Dollar General. 


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