Monday, October 1, 2012

McCormick's Recipe Inspirations

I don't get paid or any kind of anything for telling you about these. Hi McCormick! Come pay me!

A friend of mine gave us a package of McCormick Recipe Inspirations recently.  She had purchased it, but decided she probably wouldn't get around to using it, though she loves these little packages.

Basically, it's the spices you need for a particular recipe (recipe card is on the back of the package).  They are pre-measured and actually really convenient.  So if your spice cabinet is not as stuffed full as mine are, read on!

We made the Apple & Sage Pork Chops and they were incredible.  I'm not a big fan of "sweet meat", but this recipe was much more savory than sweet.  I didn't have Allspice or Rubbed Sage on hand, so it worked out well to have it in the package.  Plus, now I have the recipe card so when inevitably I do get the Rubbed Sage and Allspice, I can make my own recipe, minus a little convenience.   The ingredients I needed outside the spices were minimal- an apple, an onion, the pork chops, apple juice and a tbsp of flour.  Not bad at all.

There are quite a few different flavor packets- I am thinking these would be perfect to take on vacation with you, if you know you'll be cooking in the room.  I'm actually planning on getting at least one packet for the upcoming trip to Florida.

So, here is an easy way to spice up your cooking- learn a bit about flavors and how they interact while making a quick and easy meal.  It'll impress anyone that eats it and you don't have have a Ph.D. in Cooking to pull off the recipe. 

Overall- I'm a huge fan!


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