Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cutting Costs of Sporting Events and Concerts!

Ok, so you've read about having minor league experiences and you know all about the high cost of seeing a professional game, but you really want to go see those pros play.

I totally get that.   That doesn't mean you have to pay full price for everything though.

Try StubHub to get your tickets!  People get tickets or have season tickets and can't make it to all the games, so they post them (often deeply discounted) on this website.  StubHub backs every order, so no worries about getting fakes and being cheated out of your money. We have used this site twice- once to get discounted Anaheim Angels tickets and once to get very discounted UNC-Chapel Hill men's basketball tickets.  They even sell concert tickets, so don't despair if your concert is too expensive or is sold out- check out StubHub and see what you can find.  It may save you a few bucks.

Eat before you go.  It may sound appealing to have a ballpark hot dog and a box of popcorn while watching your favorite sports team, but when you get there and realize you just paid the equivalent of a steak dinner for a snack that doesn't even taste that good, you're going to be very disappointed.

Go easy on the drinks.  Beer and alcoholic drinks are widely available at concerts, sporting events and other similar venues (like street fairs).  They are also highly marked up.  Do you want to miss the play of the game or your favorite song because you had to go to the bathroom?  Do you want to be drunk through an event that probably cost you upwards of $100 to experience?  Skip the $7 beers or just drink in moderation and you will really cut the money you spend on your night out. Plus you won't have those holes in your memory of the night before or that pesky hangover to deal with.

Carpool.  Since paying for parking is unavoidable, see if any friends or family are interested in going to your event.  You don't have to sit together, but splitting up the cost of parking is at least 50% savings!  That $7.50 might just buy you a beer, hehe.

Easy on the souvenirs.  I know that concert Tee looks totally awesome.  I also know that the stuffed bear wearing a baseball uniform is super cute.  Evaluate how much you need items before you buy them and don't do your shopping after you've tossed back a few drinks.   Go with a budget- your wallet will thank me next year, when you sell that bear for $1 at a yardsale, or the donate the unworn Tee to Goodwill because the concert's idea of an XL and yours are two different things.

Hopefully these tips help ease the pain of trying to see a concert or a game.

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