Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finally got around to it-

I finally got around to doing the "canning chili" that I've been talking about forever.

First, let me say that the tomatoes we purchased at the Farmer's Market were extremely disappointing.  They were super hard and almost all "core"- pale, colorless core.  Thankfully I only had to use one or two to help round out my canning. I guess I'll feed the other four to the chickens.

Tim chopped up green peppers, onions and copious amounts of hot pepper while I dealt with the task of peeling, squeezing and chopping tomatoes.  Again.  He won't do the tomatoes, probably because he was finished way before I was. 

I am pleased with the haul- by doing the work now and taking the time to chop it and can it, I'm going to save the time later on- not to mention money!

There is definitely a sense of pride in cooking or eating something that you had such a significant hand in.  Not only is it my recipe, I grew half of the ingredients myself.  That's why I love to share our salsa to much- 95% of the ingredients in that are home grown.  So when it tastes delicious, it's not because the tomatoes came out of a can somewhere- it's because we grew them, we prepared them, we served them!

I love cooking. 

Now who wants to come clean up?


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