Sunday, July 15, 2012

All is Quiet

So far, things have been fairly quiet here. 

I mean that in a very literal way.  I finally rehomed the rooster!  Hallelujah, no more sneaking out there at dusk to haul him in to the bunny barn.

Speaking of bunnies, we are having a baby bunny explosion! I had 9 more born today to two different bunny mamas.  I'm very excited to see the little ones grow, they should be excellent show bunnies.  The slightly older baby bunnies are hopping out of their nestboxes and spending a lot of fun time hiding behind Mama whenever I come around.   The even older baby bunnies are learning that I bring food and pet them, so they are learning to run to me.

The black broiler chicks are here, as well as the Americaunas and the Australorps.  We had a few fatalities, which tends to happen in shipping, but so far everyone else is doing great.  These little chicks eat like pigs.  Since the broilers will be ready for processing in seven weeks, I guess they have to eat nonstop.

The garden has perked back up since we had a week of rain and cooler weather.  We picked a grocery bag full of tomatoes the other day and even were able to harvest a few peppers.  I'm planning on swinging by the Farmer's Market for a few green peppers and some cilantro and get started on making my much beloved salsa!

Our weekends are filling up quickly.  It seems like for the next few months, we have something going on every weekend- which is good! It keeps Tim from getting bored and wanting to go spend money to do something.

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