Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It appears that I finally have developed Spring allergies.  Oh joy of joys.

Even though it is March, Spring is in full bloom and has been for weeks.  With temperatures ranging as high as the mid-80s this "winter",  the bugs are out and about- being obnoxious, as per their purpose in life.  I even had to dodge a lazy bumble bee yesterday, who came out to investigate our beautiful buttercups.

For several years I've dealt with the vague feeling that spring allergies were going to start appearing in my life- the occasional itchy eyes on a particularly high pollen day, a sneeze or two more than normal... but it's sad to see them finally here.

Oh well, it's a small price to pay for the beautiful, depression free, 60-80 degree-days winter that we just experienced.  I do have a feeling that bugs and allergies are going to be particularly bad this year.  I hope Summer comes in like a lamb and we get more mild, beautiful days than we do scorching hot ones!


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