Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I've been guilty of neglecting this blog lately.  With having been sick, coupled with the various other hobbies I have, it's been pushed to the back burner.

I've been working a lot on working my Thirty One business lately.  It's been paying dividends for sure.  In addition to my paycheck in March (which was a HAPPY pay check!) I ended up winning two contests.  One was from the lady directly in my "upline" (aka, the lady I signed up under) and I won a $65 purse! I also tied in her second contest for having someone sign up under me, though the prize went to the person I tied with- quite rightly, I thought.

The second prize I won was second place in the Director's contest- and I won a set of $35 cosmetic bags in my choice of color.

So, I ended up adding $100 in free products to my paycheck in the month of March! Woot woot :).

Add the extra money coming in from Thirty One to my couponing, rebates, surveys and the fact that we no longer have to make payments on my car and I am feeling pretty good right about now- knock on wood, of course.  We all know life has a way of knocking you down a peg when you start to feel too good, but right now I plan on enjoying it!


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