Friday, March 29, 2013

River's Big Day Out

Despite waking myself up coughing every few minutes, I rolled out of bed all too early Friday- as is becoming all too common.

Tim & I loaded up River and headed to Concord, North Carolina.  There was a dog show going on at the Events Center and along with that was a health clinic.

I thought our appointment was at 11:20, but it was actually at 11:00. Oops.  Add to that the 20 minutes we wandered aimlessly trying to find the clinic and we were significantly late when we showed up. 

Thankfully, the ladies running the desk allowed us to wait and the doctor and her assistant were kind enough to go ahead and take us around noon.

River had to be coaxed in to the door- she hates small, confined places.  And mailboxes.  She's a nut.

We watched as an echocardiogram was performed.  Basically, they were looking for any arrhythmia or problems with the heart.  The "ear test" went off with out a hitch, but I don't think I breathed the entire time we were looking at her heart on the screen.  I'm pretty sure the most traumatic part for River-butt was when the vet tech clamped her mouth shut with his hands so the doctor could listen to her heart beat.

Finally it was done and we got the results- our baby girl is 100% normal!  Her test results will be sent in to OFA and she will become certified as having a healthy heart!

This means...wait for it-

River will be entering a breeding program!  Ok, breeding program sounds a little grand for my plans, but River, her "sister wife" Sienna and an adorable little mini poodle I happen to know named Biscuit will form the trio for KW Kennels- Breeding Small, healthy Goldendoodles.

Yes, goldendoodles.  There is a market out there for these dogs and my kennel partner and I have very carefully selected healthy dogs with excellent temperaments to meet the needs of those wishing to add a "doodle" to their families.

I'm very, very excited, as River will be bred very soon.  She will be coming back to raise her litter here- I can't wait!


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