Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sneaky Girl-

One of the Ameraucana hens has been escaping the coop several times a week. We couldn't figure out how she was getting out or why.

Yesterday, she disappeared completely after we opened the coop to let the girls out to play.  We couldn't find her, so we figured she was hiding and would get lonely and be back soon.  After two hours, I began to really worry.  We had been outside the whole time and hadn't heard the sound of anything attacking the flock.  The dogs were out with us and they hadn't alerted us to anyone in the yard- she was just gone!

I began walking the property, looking under every bush, the deck, the barn, etc.  Finally, I saw a flash of gold and brown- could it be her?

It was! She was asleep under a bush in the front of her house.  She had greeted me at the front door one morning when I went to work, but it had been almost a month before and I didn't really think too much about it.  

I crawled through the bushes and picked up my sleepy girl- then almost dropped her again.

She had been hoarding eggs in the bushes! When all was said and done, there were twenty eggs in her little nest.  Who knows how long she has been hiding them.  She wasn't happy that she was taken away from them and she's been even less happy today because she is no longer able to get loose. 

I am so relieved we found her!  She is definitely our favorite of the standard hens and I was so worried.  Now we should see an increase in eggs we are collecting as well.


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