Thursday, March 28, 2013

*cough* *hack* *sniff*

Well, it happened.  Just as winter drew to a close, just as the worst of cold and flu season passed- guess who came up sick?

It caught up to me Sunday, when I awoke with the terrible feeling that I had swallowed a thousand imps in the night and they were all stabbing me with their red hot pocket knives- in the throat.

Still, the show must go on- and go on it did.  I crawled my way out of bed, tossed on some clothes and headed to the second day of the NCRBA Rabbit Show- through the rain.  The relentless, freezing cold rain.  I ended up winning a Best of Breed, but didn't stay for Best In Show because I felt so terrible.

I woke up Monday and my skin was hurting.  Oh joy.  I powered through most of work and then went home a little early. Tuesday I called out sick- I woke up with those imps back in my throat.


Today, Thursday, I am facing a different set of icks.  The congestion is breaking up, leaving my already much abused throat even more sore, each cough setting it on fire again.   I hate being sick.

So that helps explain my blog silence.   I haven't done much, other than sit around and feel sorry for myself. 


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