Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nothing Changing-

We had a big week.  Tim went before the board of ordained ministry to find out if he'd become fully ordained.  Unfortunately, of the three intense interviews, he didn't pass on Theology.  Not because he didn't know his theology, but because of the paper he wrote in which they felt he related it to his congregation too much  (which he did on the advice of multiple other preachers).  Sigh.  He passed the other two interviews unanimously, with flying colors and much praise, but that pesky theology, a decision was which "difficult" for the board to make- means he will have to go before them again next year.  He can't be ordained this year.

Sigh.  It's very, very common.  We know a preacher right now who has failed her theology for the third  year in a row.  It doesn't make it any easier, however.  I think it's especially heartbreaking because the Theology board loved him in his interview- the harder part.  The part where he had to know it and answer questions.  No polishing phrases, no looking up answers... you know it or you don't. 


We had been in a bit of a stasis for a while because of the board interviews.  Would we stay, would we go.  Should we work on this? Should we plan a garden? Should we sell down the chickens?

At least now we know.

The new year isn't going to bring many changes for us.  We'll be updating the chicken coop so that hopefully the little hussies can't escape while we are on vacation.

I'll consider a garden.  The summers have been bad here and it leads to the garden ultimately being more trouble than it's worth. I'm seriously considering a container garden this year of just a few thing- hot banana peppers, tomatoes and jalapenos.  We'll have to see how I feel a little closer to planting time.

I am going to try to declutter the house.  More than likely we will be moving next year, so no point in waiting until the last minute!


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