Friday, February 15, 2013

After Holiday Clearance (12 Months of Christmas Post)

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day! Tim and I don't celebrate it, but I *do* celebrate the clearance afterwards.

It's amazing how many Holiday Clearance Sales will help you take care of your Christmas needs.  Obviously after-Christmas sales are a great time to stock up on wrapping paper, bags, bows, ribbon, etc- you can even get a few gifts for next year. 

Enter Valentine's Day:  The main colors are red, pink and white.  Amazing, because red and white are great Christmas colors.  Baskets, candles, clearance yarn- if you've got your lists of what you want to give or make for Christmas this year, now is the time to start checking out clearance to see what you can score for cheap to help you!

Saint Patrick's Day: Oh, here is another great color for Christmas- GREEN!  Check out Craft Stores for the best selection of clearance.

Easter: A great time to pick up cheap baskets or maybe some of that Easter Grass to fluff up your basket a bit.  A bunny lover in your house? Check out home decor and jewelry too!   Easter Eggs can be used as molds to make your own bath bombs.

4th of July: Red, White and Blue!  Stars and stripes are everywhere, this could be a great time to score rustic home decorations, or items for gift baskets- think Picnic, napkins to round out food baskets, etc.

Halloween: This one could be a little trickier, but maybe someone in your household loves black or orange.  If you can find candy clearanced that isn't Halloween packaged, it will keep well until Christmas.

Thanksgiving: Perfect for last minute baskets, candles, etc.

And now it's Christmas! We can start full circle again :).

So don't forget to check out those clearance sales through out the year!  Especially keep your eye out for baskets, yarn (if you knit or crochet) and candles through each of the holidays.


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