Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making Money with a Hobby

I've been working on my crochet recently.  Not only have I been using specialty yarn and trying out new stitches, I've also been working on amigurumi- crocheting small toys. 

It's so much fun and so relaxing! I enjoy learning new skills and have been getting some really positive feedback on my creations.

I've decided that since I have so much yarn and want to get in more practice with "easy" toys before I start moving on to more complicated patterns, I'm going to go to a free craft show in June.  There is no set up fee, so I am not really losing anything by going, other than perhaps wasting a day- but then again, is sitting around watching tv any less of a waste?

I buy most of my yarn when it is on sale and that is going to allow me to put very reasonable prices on my toys- I'm not expecting to recoup very much for my time.  After all, I'm working on perfecting my technique so I'd be doing all of this anyway.

I am excited for this new venture! I need to set a goal for each week so that I can build a reasonable inventory.  Maybe this will give me an opportunity to get rid of some excess jewelry I made a while back as well!


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