Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hand Soap Challenge- Completed!

I started out 2012 issuing a "soap challenge" to myself.  The goal was to spend only $3.88 on handsoap the entire year- the cost of one large Equate refill jug (64oz). 

If you follow the link above, it explains how I make my own foaming handsoap, etc.

So now is the time- it has been slightly over a year since I started the challenge.  How did I do?

 This is what success looks like!  No, I didn't buy new refills, no we didn't use other soap/dispensers.  Everything came straight out of this.  I spent $3.88 last year and the soap not only lasted me an entire year, it looks like it will happily last another several!

You can sort of see in this picture that I used too much hand soap (see the orange soap settled at the bottom?).  I will probably have to further dilute the soap that goes in to the pump until I can get enough room to put more water in this bottle.

So there you have it! If you are spending more than a dollar on hand soap in a year, you're spending too much!  My homemade foaming soap works just as well- it gets your hands clean at a fraction of the price.  Why pay $2.00 a dispenser for a product that is primarily water?


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