Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Save Without Realizing It-

I'm not sure who to credit this to- I found it floating around Facebook, since I was too lazy to make my own.

This is a chart.  It's a chart about how to trick yourself in to saving money without even realizing it.

Go get a calendar. 

Now, there are two ways to go about this.  You can number every single Sunday stating with the number "1" and going down until you get to "52", remembering that this is the number of dollars you need to set aside that week, or you can do it backwards, starting with "52" and going down to "1", so that you aren't holding back $50+ dollars so close to Christmas.  It's up to you.

Right now we are in the first week.  Go set aside $1- or $52, depending on which option you prefer.  Either way, think of the savings possibilities. Maybe at the end of the year you take that $1378 and you pay off some debt, or you take a vacation.  Maybe you put it in your savings account and enjoy knowing you have it there.

Whatever you decide to do- now is the time.  You can save $1378.00 painlessly, without really even trying. 

Good Luck,


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