Thursday, December 13, 2012

Taking Control of the Clutter

I'm slowly trying to take control of the clutter in this house.  Unfortunately with Tim sick and us being so busy, it has gone to hell in a hand basket.

With the addition of the new tv and the new tv stand, we suddenly have so much more room in the living room.  This has led to our ability to move an old bookshelf in to the living room to put our movies and tv shows on and remove the wobbly old stand that didn't hold nearly enough of what I needed it to hold.

I cleaned out under the china cabinet and boxed the dishes and things I wasn't using up.  They are headed out to the storage building first thing in the morning.   I filled up that space with extra kitchen appliances- one of the four crockpots went in, as did the dehydrator.  I'm hoping I can get something else under there, but I'm not going to hold my breath.  As it is, it's nice to have these two items off the counter.

I organized a closet recently- that yielded a Walmart bag full of clothing to go to the "Common Threads" clothing giveaway that Tim's churches trade off hosting.  A box full of old games are going to find their way to Goodwill, along with some duplicate books and knick knacks that are just gathering dust.

I managed to find a half dozen items that still had decent value on Amazon.  I'm pleased that the most expensive one has already sold! It's not much, but it is one less piece of junk to sit around and a little more money in my pocket!

Several additional Christmas gifts have been wrapped and are under the tree.   We may not have many decorations up and there won't be many presents, but hey- the ones that are there look good.

I've discovered why I can never get ahead on the house work.  I had been working for only 20 minutes or so when Tim started urging me to stop.  I think he was terrified I was going to ask him to help.


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