Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Sales

I have to work the Day After Christmas this year. 

I'm actually really sad, because I do so much after christmas shopping.  We all know this is the BIG one- the time even folks who aren't frugal shoppers rush out to buy. 


I normally stock up on Christmas bags, wrapping paper and cards (or, if I'm feeling daring, I wait until they go 75% off! It depends on how the stockpile looks) as well as Christmas packaged food and paper goods, paper plates, etc.

It's also a great time to get those "candy cane" rawhides for the dogs, since they also go half off.

Some folks do all their Christmas/Birthday/Mother's Day/etc shopping the day after Christmas. I have always been torn on that.  I will ABSOLUTELY buy "little something" gifts and gifts for the Christmas parties we have to go to each year. 

I kind of feel bad buying those baskets of soap that obviously come from Walmart at Christmas time and then giving them as gifts in June.   We all know what the Walmart stuff looks like.  We all know you bought the $15 basket for $7.50.

However- you let me find nice, non-obviously-Christmas-Clearance-gifts and I am all over that. 

I also like to shop for any decorations or items I just have to have.  This year I think we need a new Christmas tree, since half the lights have burned out and I'm tired of hotwiring it each year and wrapping the exposed wires in electrical tape.  This is when we buy Tim his inflatables.

Last year I bought a mini doughnut maker.  Just for fun.

So, while I won't be expecting the haul I usually bring away, I should still be able to score some good deals after I get off work.  I'm just sad I won't get to enjoy a yearly tradition- but hey, at least I am employed!


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