Saturday, December 29, 2012


Ibotta is a coupon app that you have to have. It has been out for iphone for a while, but thankfully those of us with androids are not left out in the cold any longer!

Ibotta is easy to use.  You login and check their offers- for example, I had one for a 12 pack of Coke Zero.  You click that add, then can perform three tasks to add value to the coupon.  They are very simple- a one question poll, a "learn a fact" and watching a short video in this case.  Each task was worth 25 cents, so by doing all three, I earned a 75 cent coupon.  These coupons last a long time too and when you redeem one, they add a new one to your account!

You check the list of qualifying stores (Walmart and Target are on there, as are a laundry list of grocery stores), go to the store and buy your item.  I went to Harris Teeter during a sale and bought a 12pack of Coke Zero for $1.97. 

Take a picture of your receipt, submit it, then scan the barcode of the product(s) you purchased.  Within 15 minutes, I had been credit $0.75!   Since it was my first transaction, I also got a $5.00 bonus.

That's it!  I invite you, you get $5.00 when you do your first deal, I get $1.00 for referring you.  Once you have $5.00, you can request the money be sent to your paypal.  The end.


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