Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Save Money- Eat Soup!

Well, one good thing about late fall and winter is that it is the perfect weather for soup.

Soup is the perfect food for saving money.

I purchased a package of Bear Creek Potato Soup Mix at Walmart the other day.  It cost $3.89, give or take a few cents.

I put the small package in to 8 cups of boiling water and voila- I end up with 8 cups of soup.  Toss in some grated cheddar cheese, put a piece of bread on the side and there we have it- a cheap dinner.   We end up with around 6 bowls of soup.  Over the course of those 6 bowls, we use less than a bag of shredded cheese ($2.00) and the amount of bread is such a negligible price, but let's call it $0.10 per slice.

So the total for 3 meals for myself and Tim is $6.49.  It works out to $1.09 per person, per meal.  You can toss in a little ham (great use for leftover Christmas ham) and it ups the price a little, but still- where else can you go and get a full meal for $1.09?

Now is the time to invest in an excellent soup cookbook or start flipping through old books for new recipes.  It's a great way to find cheap dinner ideas- plus there is the opportunity for leftovers!


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