Monday, November 5, 2012

Reusing Cat Litter Containers

We have three cats. Believe me when I say we go through a lot of Tidy Cats. So often, we have a ton of large, plastic storage containers sitting around and there is a ton you can do with them.   First though- wash them out with the hose.  Then pour in some vinegar, swish it around, add some water, swish it around, dump it, rinse it, rinse it again, maybe add some bleach, add some water, rinse, rinse, rinse.  It never hurts to be too cautious in making sure these are completely clean.

Not my picture- wish it was!

Planters! Rather than going out and buying large tubs to keep your plants in, why not repurpose something you have already paid for?  Yes, they could be more attractive, but hey, feel free to cover them.

Animal Food Storage.  I keep our rabbit and chicken feed in these containers, but know plenty of people that pour cat and dog food in to them as well.

Garden Harvester.  If you have a large garden, a clean cat litter container (especially the smaller ones), could be excellent to help you bring your harvest in.

Compost buckets.  This one seems self explanatory.

Cat Litter.  Yes, you heard me.  Sometimes there are awesome deals on cat litter, but only the kind that comes in bags.  I hate those.  Why not just pour the bagged cat litter in to the better containers? Simple.


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