Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Advertising

I remember when I was younger- tearing in to my stocking on Christmas Morning.  There it was- that shape, that size- it couldn't be...but no, it had to be!

"OH MY GOSH!" I would jump up and down and scream, the excitement threatening to stop my young hear- "Look! Look what I got! It's a toothbrush!"

Uh no.  I don't think so. 

I was flipping through a magazine and saw an ad for Colgate spinning toothbrushes....advertised as stocking stuffers.
Really? What kid has ever put a toothbrush on top of their list to Santa?

Advertisers are getting more and more odd in their attempts to sell us things.  I'm fairly certain that no 8 year old is going to beg his mom to buy him a $4.00 container of shampoo to put under the tree for Christmas.  Men, if you give your wife pots and pans, a vacuum, teeth-whitening strips or anything vaguely related to cleaning supplies, you're in for a very un-Merry Christmas indeed.

My second favorite commercials are the kind where someone buys someone else a $35,000 car for Christmas, without their knowledge.  Then puts it in the front yard with a big bow on it and again, they have no idea.  You know, because half of all households get a new luxury sedan for Christmas without one party consulting the other in any way.

Ahhh Christmas Advertising.  How I didn't miss you at all, but here you are, early to the party again.


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