Thursday, November 8, 2012

Black Friday Ad- Walmart

Walmart has already released their 2012 Black Friday Ad.

Not only that, some of their deals start at 8:00pm on THANKSGIVING DAY.  Target is starting their sales at 9:00pm, from what I've heard.

I think this is a huge shame. It's not enough that Christmas items are being put in stores before Halloween even arrives, but now the sales are starting at 8:00pm on Thanksgiving?  One of the few holidays we have that aren't centered around buy, buy buy?

I'm all about saving the money, but hey- can't we keep the sales to "Black Friday"?  Why rush through one of the (probably) few meals the entire family gets to anymore, to go get some discount DVDs?   Some people will spend all of Thursday and perhaps a good chunk of Wednesday lining up outside of stores to be the first in to the sales.

I get it.  Times are hard for a lot of us.  To give your kids the Christmas you think they want or deserve, you're willing to make a lot of sacrifices and that includes giving Thanks for what you do have and spending time with your family, but c'mon retailers! We'll all get up at the crack of dawn on Friday- don't push this to Thursday.

I feel bad for anyone that works in retail right now.  Think of the people who won't get the choice to spend time with their families because they have to work.

It just makes me sad.


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