Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy to be home!

We're home, we're home! 

The vacation was fun, but in most cases by Day 5 I am more than ready to be home.  Pictures and stories will be coming soon.

All the animals are doing great- the smallest set of chickens have mostly integrated with the flock, though they still prefer to hang out together.  At least there aren't constant fights! They have gotten so big, it's amazing!

The rabbits are all doing great as well- several of the babies are old enough to wean now and one little guy has hopped out of the nestbox!

The biggest surprise was the garden!  It looks fantastic- the volunteer tomato plant has blooms on it, as do several of the pepper plants and the cucumber plant!  The peas are shooting up with a vengeance that amazes me.  I was even able to pick our first bit of produce today- a hot banana pepper.  Woo hoo!

We added in a cantaloupe plant today.  I nearly bought some cilantro and basil, but I honestly don't use either very much.  The cilantro would mostly be for the salsa and one bundle from the grocery store is more than enough and cheaper than planting my own.  If we ever get our own home, I will definitely be planting a herb garden.

The cats are thrilled with life now that we are back.  They always act like they don't love us, but they totally do :).


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