Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don't think I didn't notice!

Vacation is soon. So soon.  Yet not soon enough.  I still have an agonizing week of work to get through before glorious, glorious vacation. 


My poor laptop battery is shot.  I think it's the battery, anyway.  I've been eyeballing this replacement (offbrand, of course) on for a while. It was $18, but eligible for free shipping once I hit that $25 minimum.  I wasn't sure what else I wanted to buy (because I am morally opposed to spending $6 on shipping when I could spend $7 and get another item), so I have put off buying it.

I finally decided today to snatch up "The Scottish Prisoner" by Diana Gabaldon.  I had been going back and forth on the book for Kindle, or hardcover to match the others in the set.  I'm totally going with the hardcover to match because my OCD commands it of me.  I figure if I order it now, it will have arrived by the time I get home from vacation, so it's basically like not having to wait for it at all (I trick myself out of my impatience).  My cart informs me that the price of the battery has dropped from $18 to $12. Schweet.

I got ready to check out and suddenly my $26 purchase is $36+. Whaaaaaaat?
The sneaky bastards that are selling the laptop battery dropped the purchase price but now you have to pay shipping! Which brings my book under the minimum required amount for the Amazon free shipping- which adds almost $6 an item to my total.

Pfft. Don't think I don't know what you did there people.  You dropped the price so folks would rush out and pay the same price for the item once shipping is tacked on.

That irks me.  I don't like the sneaky tactics to try to sell things.  Plus, I was kind of looking forward to that free shipping from Amazon, which I am no longer eligible for. 

So now I am sad- no new book, no computer battery for me.  I guess I will wait until they switch the price back around to purchase the battery. 

Sorry Scottish Prisoner- it wasn't meant to be yet.  I'll read you some day soon though!


Edited 5/3:  Now the price for the battery is back to normal, with free super saver shipping.... I win!

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