Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lost Food

Have you ever been digging through the freezer and found a lump of freezer burned meat that must be extremely old?  What about getting home with a new pack of chicken, only to find half of the last pack still in the freezer?

What about cleaning out the pantry and finding expired food hidden behind good food- items you know you would have used, had they not been hidden under other things.

So frustrating- and expensive.

My goal is to do to the freezer and pantry what I have already done to my Spice cabinets.  I plan to do a top to bottom inventory- what is in there, how much of it is there and where it is (top shelf, bottom shelf, etc).  When I put something in, I make a tally mark beside the name, when I use it, I erase or cross off the item.  It's a time consuming process to start with and of course, it has to be maintained every meal, but it is nice to know at a glance if I need more chicken, or where that can of beans is.

The hardest part of this plan is to get Tim on board with it.  The Spice cabinets are pretty much solely my domain, but the fridge and pantry is communal property!

With this system, I'm hoping to minimize those lumps of unidentifiable freezer burned meat and tossing out tons of expired food.  Ok, so it's not tons, but it is still throwing out money, not to mention the sheer waste of good food and the increased amount of garbage in the landfills.

Wish me luck on my new adventure!

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