Thursday, November 14, 2013

Black Friday Shopping

The Black Friday Ads are out.  I'm very disappointed to see that a ton of the stores are starting their sales during or even before Thanksgiving dinner.I could go on a long, long rant about how disrespectful I find it to start your sales during a time when people are supposed to be able to be with their families, but I'll stick to my point.

If you are thinking about going Black Friday shopping, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1.) Compare prices.   Usually BF prices are pretty comparable, so why go to three stores for three different items when you can get all three at the same place for a few dollars difference?  Consider the cost of your time and gas when deciding if it's worth that $1.00 savings.

2.) Have a game plan.  Know where you are going and what you are getting.  Having everything written down helps you keep your cool when you get in to the shoving and pushing crowd- you won't criss cross the store or miss out on that waffle maker you forgot you were buying your aunt.

3.) Divide and Conquer.  If you have other family members going out, see if they are willing to divide and conquer.  Ask them to pick up X and Y for you at Store A, while you grab Z for them while you are shopping at Store B.  Make sure you trust the person to pick up your items and pay you promptly for what you get for them.

4.) Don't sacrifice family for stuff.  Like I said- the sales are starting earlier and earlier.  All these deals will be available online and at various retailers. usually does a great job matching deals, you will just have to fight online to get them.  Regardless, remember- it's Thanksgiving.  Your family changes daily, someone here this year may not be around next year, as sad as it is to think about.  Don't sacrifice your time with loved ones to rush out and fight for cheap junk.


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