Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Party's Over :(

Well, vacation is over and I'm finding it very hard to be back at work.

It seems that any small step that could have been taken to save me a ton of work was studiously avoided.  It's not about having to do the extra work- it's about the little bit of thoughtfulness that clearly no one had.  It's about the lack of respect- just pile it up on Kristen, she can deal with it all when she gets back, even when it is as simple as walking two extra steps to do it themselves.

Yes, I'm a little more bitter than usual.  Does it have anything to do with my raging headache? Maybe.

Does it have anything to do with Tim being gone for a week, leaving me with ALL the chores?  Perhaps.

Mostly, it revolves around the fact that I truly dread going to my job.  I wonder what stupidity I will have to deal with each day.  Who is going to be overly dramatic about everything? Who is going to try to use me as their personal slave for the day?

There is so much more to life than this.

I'm planning a meal schedule now, then hitting the budget hard again.  A church yard sale coming up will net us some additional money and I plan on cutting down the rabbit herd for the summer- less to feed and money in my pocket, if all goes according to plan with the sales.

Meanwhile, it's back to job searching.  Vacation is over, the good times have stopped rolling. 

Back to work.


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