Monday, May 6, 2013

Nearly Vacation Time!

Tim and I are gearing up for vacation time and I have to say- mentally I've already pretty much checked out.  It has been a trying time recently, with stress over my job(s), tragedy striking some dear friends and just the gloomy weather we have been subjected to for the past week and a half or longer.  I try not to focus on how long it has been dreary (and cold!) so I hopefully don't struggle with every minute of it.

This year we are going on vacation with a pair of friends.  I am so excited because they are making the trip down from Toronto, Canada to visit with us! I'm feeling a little pressure to get us some extra good deals because of their costs in flying down.

So far, my attempts at cutting costs haven't been the most successful thing ever- with the economy beginning to recover, everywhere is stopping the constant promotions.  I have heard Disney World is even trying to cut back on Free Dining Offers, with the thought of cutting them out entirely in the very near future.  If Disney World isn't doing promotions, what hope do I have of finding something in Tennessee?

Still, we'll do our best! We plan on doing some cooking while on vacation and of course I will stop at the state border to pick up pamphlets and brochures, which often contain money saving coupons.  Several days we have "free" activities planned, such as hiking.  My trust "gas buddy" app will help us score the cheapest gas in the area.  All in all, as things stand the vacation isn't going to be too expensive as is.  However, every penny counts!


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