Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Last Christmas Mile- (12 Months of Christmas Post)

Welcome to December! If you have been following the tips in this blog this year, hopefully you are mostly done with your Christmas preparations- if not completely finished!

If you haven't been following along, it's time to PANIC!!  Kidding...sort of. :)

Perhaps you still have a few people on your list, folks you just could not find the perfect gift for.   Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Look at the names left on your list.  Are all of them a situation where a gift is necessary?  Perhaps there are a few where a beautiful note written in a lovely card, hand chosen or hand made, for them may suffice.  Write of a wonderful memory the two of you made during the year and tell them how much their friendship means to you.  Perhaps attach a candy cane or two in a fun flavor, or tie it to the handle of a dollar store mug that you stuffed with hot chocolate packets.

Tim's Granny loves oreos, but she never buys them for herself, saying they are too expensive.  Every Christmas you can bet she ends up with various kinds of oreos, lovingly wrapped by different family members.  Perhaps your friend loves Godiva chocolate, gourmet cheese or a Hickory Farms summer sausage but can't bring themselves to splurge.  You could get them a small item, under $5 and give them a beautiful card to go with it. 

Tim never gets to have anchovies on his pizza because I think they are gross.  It doesn't stop me from buying him a tin or two and putting them in his stocking, to be used when we made individual pizzas.

Have you considered a coupon book?  Perhaps your friend has children but can't afford a babysitter, or can't find someone she trusts.  Make her a booklet of coupons offering one free babysitting evening per month (or even just give her six coupons to be used when she wants).  Talk about a huge value to her, but very inexpensive for you!

The sky is the limit with coupon books- dog washings, one house cleaning, one homemade meal, a garden weeding, a car wash- whatever you feel comfortable doing is a good idea to put on a coupon!


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