Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Video Games

Tim and I used to play a lot of video games- now it's definitely more of a situation where Tim plays a few select titles and I play almost never.

Typically, video games hold very little value.  They are mass produced and if you purchase them when they first come out, you're looking at a $50-$60 price tag, which rapidly depreciates.

As we are getting ready for a church yard sale this weekend, I asked Tim to take a look at the boxes of video games we have sitting around gathering dust and decide if he wanted to sell any.  I came home to several piles of games, most in the $1 pile, while three to four had prices ranging from $2-$5.  Most of our games are just like new- we take very good care of everything from the disk or cartridge to the instruction booklet and case, so he felt like a few of the games could be worth a little more.

We went through the pile he wasn't sure about letting go and decided to just move out everything- we weren't playing the games, after all, so why keep them?  Just as he was about to slap $1 on them all, I suggested we check the prices on Amazon.com- just in case.

WHOA am I glad that we did!  We found 6 games that were worth $15-$25 each and of those 6, 5 have already sold- in less than 12 hours. 


What surprises me most is that the games that are selling the best are old Nintendo Gamecube games.  I guess it truly was the best system ever, because the value is holding to these games like crazy!

So the moral of the story is- price check your items when you decide to sell them- don't just assume you know the price.  Yes, it took us a little longer and yes, most of them were $1 games.  However, we made $100+ by spending 20 minutes making sure of our prices.  I could do that all day long.


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