Saturday, April 16, 2011

Disney Savings Tips

Well, we returned from Florida last year! I've got some fresh and interesting blogging ideas, but I'm going to cop out today with just a few helpful tips-

Did you know that you can order FREE water at any of the places that sell fountain drinks in Disney? It's true, and I love them for it! I talked Tim in to going with water and saving $2.50 a drink. I had to promise the opportunity for a snack or a special something later on, but hey- $5.00 in our pockets right there and most of the times the "special something" was a strawberry lemonade from McDonalds- only $1.59!

Split meals! Especially if you take kids, split the adult meals either between kids, or one adult and one kid! Tim and I split one meal in the parks a few days- it keeps you going until dinner and we didn't drop $20 on some frankly forgettable food! It was also easier than trying to haul around a cooler all day.

Did you know Disney allows soft-sided coolers? Yup. So feel free to pack your food if you want to! I'd recommend getting a locker and then going back to it later on, unless you have a stroller you can pile it on top of.

Take advantage of free park-reentry. We would go in after eating an early lunch and then leave for dinner. Then we'd just come back in, or park hop! Or, we'd go in before lunch, split a meal, then leave around dinner time. Just make sure you know when each park closes, so you don't do this and miss out on the last few hours at a park, when a snack could have kept you going until closing!

If you head to Universal Studios, I'd take advantage of the free refills cup. It costs $6.00 (at least the one Tim bought as part of the meal plan package did) and you got FREE soda refills all day. We shared the drink and definitely got our money's worth. You also get free locker rentals for each ride, so you don't have to deal with trying to carry a full drink on a roller coaster, or leaving it sitting unattended while you ride.

Speaking of meal plans- you're not supposed to share the one at Universal Studios. IF you are willing to break that rule and IF you are willing to get caught and have to pay for the additional meal... you can share them and make a $20.00 meal plan much more affordable. Just sayin'- that's completely up to you and what you think is right.


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