Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Low Cost Hobbies

Do you need something to keep you entertained? Do you not want to spend a billion dollars on start up costs for something you may or may not follow through on?

There are several low cost hobbies out there- I'm only gonna hit on a few of them.


Gardening does NOT have to be expensive. I used to buy a $.10 packet of seeds, dump them in the red clay soil of central NC and poof, up something would come. Now, my mom didn't have the same green thumb, but let's break it down-

1.) You can look around on craigslist for people selling cheap starter plants. Get a head start on your gardening with a plant that's already blown through the seed phase. Some folks give them away, some folks sell them cheaply, just make sure to look around. OR, you can start the seeds yourself and make extra to sell to other folks. Let's pretend you got the expensive $1 a packet seeds- in this example, tomatoes.

2.) If you don't have an excellent soil already, post an ad looking for free manure. It's better than bagged stuff and my rabbitry GIVES it away to anyone that will bring us a container to put it in. Rabbit manure also won't burn your plants, so you can dump it and immediately plant in it. So, your cost is still only $1. If you sell a single seedling plant for a dollar, you've spent NO money on this gardening.

3.) Set out old containers to collect water when it rains. You can recycle old bottles to keep it from evaporating out, and poof, you can naturally water your plants without increasing your water bill. Any veggies you get can be eaten or sold- lowering your grocery bill!

Gardening doesn't have to be expensive!!!!


This can also be a very inexpensive hobby, the results of which can either keep you warm or be sold or gifted.

Yarn can very often be found at thrift stores or yard sales- if you're just learning, use odds and ends of skeins. It can produce some awesome looking scarfs or blankets. Also try freecycle, a lot of people don't wanna keep just a few feet of a leftover color.

Knitting needles and crocheting hooks are extremely inexpensive at Walmart- I have several and I don't think I paid over $1.50 for any of them.

You can google "learn to knit" or "learn to crochet" and find awesome FREE online guides and videos, or look for a knitting circle that would be willing to help you out in person!

Recycled Crafting

Oh man, you can do all kinds of stuff with crap you have sitting around the house- check out this website for ideas, or just google "recycled crafting". You can do all kinda of things, from knick knacks to clothing and jewelry.


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